Degrees and Certifications:

BA, History - University at Buffalo MST, Adolescent Education, Social Studies - Pace University

Mr. Kaufmann

Mr. Kaufmann believes that the best way to create a well-informed, self-determined society is to promote and carry out a fair and comprehensive education that gives students an enlightened view of the world. He values positive relationships with students, engages students in the Social Studies curriculum, and encourages students to become active members of the school community. 

His goal as an educator is to facilitate the education of future generations who are capable of contributing to a society that prioritizes integrity, diversity, respect, curiosity, and communication. In today’s globalized world, the value of a strong understanding of Social Studies cannot be overstated.

As an educator, Mr. Kaufmann strives to create a culture in the classroom where students value what they learn and actively engage in lifelong learning that improves themselves and the world around them. By working together with the students to create learning goals, growth can be achieved for every individual in the classroom.

Students who feel appreciated and cared for are more likely to invest in the academic environment that is promoted in Mr. Kaufmann's classroom. He promotes a learning culture that promotes equity, access, and rigor, building college, career, and civic readiness among students.