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    (posted 9/25) Unit 1 Trigonometry Review problems Click here

    (posted 9/28) Unit 1 Homework Problems for Thursday night 9/28 here

    (posted 10/2) Extra Sinusoidal graphing

    (posted 10/19) Homework for Thursday night click here

    (posted 10/24) Extra practice before exam (optional)

    (posted 11/08) Extra Review Problems here 

    (posted 11/20) Unit 6 Section 1 Vectors

    (posted 12/21) Holiday Review Packet 

    (posted 1/25) Practice Problems involving Ellipses here




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    Polar Graphs Blank click here


    Chapter 4 Section 3 1st 2nd derivative tests here

    Chapter 4 Section 4 on Optimization notes

    Chapter 4 section 1 2 and 3 (Quiz) Review problems are here!  Quiz on 5/23/17

    recent Optimization Homework (solutions) are here...

    Optimization Memorial Day Weekend it is... due on Tuesday 5/30

    Review Problems for Optimization, Linearization, and Differentials Quiz here

    Notes on Related Rates here

    Final Exam cheat sheet

    2nd set of Review Sheets for Practice here

    1st set of Final Exam Review sheets (answers) ...41 questions/ 41 answers

    2nd Packet of Review Problems (answers only) ...22 questions/22 answers

    Answers to the largest of the packets (#3) ... check here

    Extra AP Review Problems for the last weekend!

    Answers to the AP Review Problems for last weekend ...displayed