Essential Elements Interactive

  • Our strings method book, Essential Elements, has an online component called Essential Elements Interactive.  The website is easy to use and it's free!  Features of EEI include:

    • Professional musicians demonstrating every song
    • Metronome and tuner
    • Fingering charts
    • Accompaniment options in many different musical styles for every song
    • Tempo options (control how slow or fast you play each song)
    • Videos that allow you to review lesson material at home
    • Record yourself practicing, listen to it, and send it to Ms. Hecht!


    Follow the instructions below to get started.  You will need your book with you to create your account.  After this one-time set up process, you will only need to enter your username and password to log in.

    1. Go to the website: Essential Elements Interactive
    2. Click on the icon for students in the middle of the page.
    3. Click on "Create an Account" if it's your first time using the website.
    4. Our school code is HenHudOrch (capitals included).
    5. Your ID is your 5-digit Hen Hud school ID number (the same as your lunch code).
    6. Check the first box to confirm that you have your own book, check the second box after reading the terms and conditions, and enter the 16-digit activation code printed on the first page of your book.
    7. Create your own username and password - and you're done! The website will ask you to log in again the regular way after you've set up your account. Enjoy exploring the Music Studio and Resources sections!