SAT 2 Info

  • Dear Physics Students,

    The SAT Subject Test (TM) in Physics might be an exam you are interested in taking at the end of Regents Physics.  We cover many of the topics on the exam, but not all.  To learn all the topics on the exam you would need to be motivated to study additional physics topics on your own.   Here is some information to look at if this is something you are considering:

    1. The official SAT subject test guide, pages 29-33, is a good start:

    2. This Sparknotes site allows you to use a pull down menu to pick many topics to review, or get the key formulas for that topic, and try a few questions. Do them all and you've reviewed a lot:

    3. For an intro to the content of the exam, try:

    4. Another intro with a few questions:

    5. A free formula guide - the 50 most important formulas:

    The next step, buy or borrow an SAT review book and look at the chapters. There is a significant gap in content compared to the current NYS Regents exam.  The exam is 75 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes. Often, it is straight plug & chug - but you have to memorize and recall all the formulas. The main topics you would need to study on your own are Kepler's Laws, AC electricity, electromagnetic applications, geometric optics and some thermal physics . Most review books have it all.  Consider contacting your Guidance Councelor if you are thinking about taking the exam.