• Breakfast is the most important part of your day!  Don't skip it!  Plan on a healthy lunch as well. Balancing your meal is important. Too many carbohydrates and saturated fats will add body fat and thus weight. Although exercies will help to combat it the poor nutrition will make you unable to perform at maximum ability.   

    Eating Fruits and vegtables with plenty of protein each day is more important than carbohydrates!  Protein fills you up and carbs will be stored as fat if not burned off by exercise!

    If you are an athlete bring water and a snack prior to your practice so you will give 100% during your workout! 


    Hydration of milk and water is not only important for your circulatory system but your brain function!  Middle School children are growing and changing and need to be fueled with healthy nutrition!


    Watching a program called Forks Over Knives directed by Lee Fulkersonis enlightening. It is on netflix.


    Before you diet talk to your pediatrition!