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    • Medically Excused Students: A note by a licensed physician is required for any student who has sustained an injury that requires no participation in P.E. for more than one class. The note should be submitted to the nurses office immediately. 

      • Students are advised to speak with their teacher if they are medically excused. Their teacher will discuss the possible ways for them to earn credit while medically excused. If it is a long-term injury, the student has the option to complete one of the following assignments. Students are responsible for completing one assignment during the time period of a P.E. unit. (Approximately 4 weeks). Therefore, if a student is out long-term, he or she will be required to submit two assignments per quarter in order to obtain P.E. credit. Students are still required to attend class, regardless of whether they are injured or not. 

    • Medically Excused Assignment Options: