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  • Clubs and Activities



    Hendrick Hudson High School has over 30 co-curricular activities and clubs for students to participate in.  It is our strong recommendation that all incoming freshman join and participate in at least one that interests them. 


    Anime and Manga

    Are you an Anime and Manga fan?  Do you enjoy watching these animated films and reading the graphic novels?  Come and share with others that enjoy this genre.  Every other Wednesday beginning September 19th in the computer lab.


    Debate and Speech

    The Debate and Speech team prepares for and competes in local tournaments, such as Lakeland, Regis HS, Scarsdale, and Bronx HS of Science, and national tournaments such as Princeton, Yale and Emory.  The team hosts the annual Malcolm Bump Tournament in November.  Over 400 students participate in this tournament, which continues to be one of the largest debate tournaments in New York State.  Team meetings are held weekly on Tuesday (debate) and Wednesday (speech) evenings.


    Drama Club - The HHHS Starboard Stars

    The goal of the Starboard Stars is to produce quality dramatic and musical productions.  In order to reach that goal, an audition process is employed when casting our shows.  The casting is done by a committee of adults involved in the directing of the production.  Seniors will be given preference only when their audition is better than an underclassmen’s audition.  When selecting shows, an attempt will always be made to choose plays that showcase as many students as possible.  However, it is important to note that not everyone who auditions will get a part as a lead or even in the ensemble.  We would encourage students to join in other areas of the production, as well (stage crew, tech, etc.).  Ultimately the objective is to create an excellent, professional and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  We hold true to our motto, “There is no drama in Drama.”


    Film Club

    The Film Club is an extra-curricular organization dedicated to providing film enthusiasts, filmmakers and curious minds the opportunity to explore the world of film. Club members participate in a variety of activities focused on expanding their grasp and passion for this popular and ever-expanding entertainment medium. During our meetings, club members learn editing and filmmaking techniques, view and analyze classic and current films, and plan our annual film festival which takes place in early May. The festival, founded by award winning filmmaker and Hen Hud graduate Andrew Jenks, has grown to be one of the largest high school film festivals in the world and a must see event for the Hen Hud community. Film Club members plan and execute the entire event: acquiring submissions from around the globe, selecting a notable guest speaker, organizing the evening’s events, booths and artistic direction, viewing and judging submissions, and even running the actual show. Film Club meets every other Tuesday at 2:15 in the Mac Lab. If you have a passion for film, this club is for you!


    Freshman Class

    Meetings will be held the second Monday of the month. Our first meeting is Monday, September 24, 2012, then the second Monday of every month thereafter. Meetings will take place in Room 010 (Cad Lab).  Events for the freshman class include the High School Haunted House and Spirit Week. This year we are looking to take part in other school events and brainstorm new ideas for activities. 

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Hendrick Hudson’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is a national business association preparing students for careers in business. This club is open to any student who would like to learn more about the business world and enjoys community service activities. Come to one of our meetings and see that FBLA is for you!  Some activities include: developing Business Leadership skills, facilitating the transition from school to career, working with money, helping create a business with proceeds going to charity, and competing in NY State competitions recognizing and rewarding excellence in business and career-related areas.

    We will meet every other Thursday after school in room 212.


    Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

    The goal of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to provide a safe zone where students of all sexual orientations can come together to discuss issues relating to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.  The GSA is a support group where members share their experiences and perspectives about LGBT issues within the school and beyond.  In addition to discussions, we hold and attend several events, among which are PrideWeek, the Day of Silence, and PrideWorks.  The GSA holds weekly meetings every Thursday throughout the year.  We encourage everyone to come and join!



    Meets in Rm. 130, Bi-Weekly-Tuesday.  The Hispanic Honor Society (HHS) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and Portuguese and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Formally organized as the Spanish National Honor Society in 1953, the name was changed in 1959. At present there are over 2,000 national and international chapters.  The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in the Spanish language and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic studies.  All secondary schools of recognized standing are eligible for membership. Chapter sponsors must be active members of the AATSP.  Any secondary school student who has maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish for a minimum of three semesters and is in the 10th grade or higher is eligible. Definition of “honor grade” is 90 or above since the HHS is an honor society for those students of high academic achievement. Character, leadership, seriousness of purpose, cooperation, honesty, service and commitment to others are included in the criteria for selection into the Society.  The Society is classified as a national and international academic honor society in the study of high school Spanish and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Our Chapter is named after the famous writer Esmeralda Santiago. The Society will promote cross-cultural acceptance and understanding among our students and encourage service to school and community.  Activities:  Culture Night to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, After school tutoring, Walkathon “Miracle Mile” to benefit the Saint Jude Children Research Hospital, Decorate Bulletin Boards during the Foreign Language Week and for other special events, Soccer tournament, Register and administer the National Spanish Exam (Level 1-AP) sponsored by the AATSP, Induction Ceremony


    Junior Class

    The junior class participates in Spirit Week. A “Ring Day” with breakfast will be held for the junior class. The junior class will conduct several fundraisers throughout the year. The junior class will be holding their junior prom in May.  Meetings: Bi-Weekly on Tuesdays in Room 210


    Math Honor Society

    Advisor- Bernard Small - Meetings-Twice a month in Room 213. The goals of the Math Honor Society are to provide academic assistance in the high school primarily and also the other schools in the district depending on availability of transportation and scheduling. We have fundraised in the past and donated to worthy causes around the holidays. Pi day demonstration should resume now that 3/14 is during the school week this year. Last year we participated in haunted high school. We are looking this year to launch a successful Sudoku or Ken-ken tournament.



    Mathletes is a club designed to showcase and enhance the math skills of students by participation in 6 mathlete competitions throughout the year at neighboring Westchester schools. The competitions occur one Monday per month (dates to be determined by the Westchester Math League in mid to late September) and run approximately 1-2 hours including travel time to meets. The top 35 students in the county will qualify to compete in a New York State competition held in April.  In addition to the monthly competitions, optional practice sessions will be held throughout the year. The club and practice sessions are open to all Hen Hud students. An informational meeting will be held in late September. Practice problems and meet dates will be distributed at this time. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Cruikshank in room 109.


    National Art Honor Society

    The purpose of the Hendrick Hudson Chapter of the National Art Honor Society is to foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art.  We aim to further the creative abilities and talents of the Society's members, as well as the school's entire student body. We meet    bi-weekly on Thursdays in room B4.  Students who wish to join the chapter must see Ms. Lang to complete an application for acceptance.  In the past, the club has created school murals, decorated for and served at the senior citizen prom, and participated in various fundraisers.  This coming year the club hopes to help with school beautification and recycling efforts, while continuing with many of our other commitments.


    National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes students for their achievements.  At Hendrick Hudson, the  Half Moon Chapter is charter by the National Honor Society as a representative branch of this organization  at the high school.  Students are chosen for membership based on four criteria:  academics, character, community service, and leadership.  Students who meet these criteria are invited to join the society at the end of their junior year.  As probationary members, they are required to continue to strive for academic excellence as well as participate in service related activities during the school year.  At the end of their senior year, students who have meet these obligations become permanent members.  Meetings are held every other week, while activities take place throughout the school year.

    Newspaper Club

    The newspaper club is responsible for the publication of Hen Hud’s school newspaper, The Anchor. It is a student-run club, with a hierarchy of student editors responsible for the content and layout of the paper.  For each of our four issues, club members are expected to perform the duties of journalists, a list that includes finding news stories of importance to our high school audience, conducting interviews and other research, writing and editing articles, taking photographs, and designing layout.  Our club meets an average of two times per issue, with occasional extra meetings scheduled as needed, but each writer must also communicate with a student editor outside of meetings to improve his or her work before submitting for publication. All meetings take place after school in Room 200, the classroom of advisor Mrs. Maye. Although our club may meet fewer times than other clubs, much of the work for The Anchor is done individually and outside of the club meetings. Students thinking about joining the newspaper should have a strong interest in writing or photography and, of course, newsgathering.


    Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED)

    The Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Club seeks to collectively explore pop culture in order to achieve a greater sense of equality while maintaining our diversity.  By investigating relevant literature, art, poetry, holidays, music, and film, we hope to educate ourselves and the school community about the great breadth of culture and the stereotypes found in the United States.  SEED's outreach efforts include raising awareness of such issues as abuse, poverty, and diversity through sharing of individual work, charity events, guest speakers, and hosting cultural events that educate and involve students and members of the community. In essence, we are a charity based group which puts the fun back in fundraising.  SEED always welcomes new members.

    Senior Class

    The Senior Class invites any senior to attend monthly meetings.  Throughout the year, members will establish fundraising activities while planning for prom and graduation.  Fundraising activities include working at the concession stand at home varsity games, car washes, and creating senior sweatshirts.


    Sophomore Class

    Meets every 3rd Thursday with events throughout the year. The sophomore class is involved in organizing its class for Spirit Week participation.  The class will be participating in events throughout the year such as the Haunted High School and the Spring Carnival.  Class rings will also be ordered.  Also, the sophomore class will host and participate in various fund raising activities throughout the year.


    Stockbroker’s Club

    The stockbroker’s club is a yearlong competition with other Westchester school districts run through the direction of the SIMFA foundation for Investor Education.

    Each school is given $100,000 of start-up “money” to invest over the course of the year. This club teaches students how to invest in the stock market. Our goal is to get students to do their own research on stocks they feel are worth purchasing by using various internet sites, business programs and the print media for their information.

    Each week (Thursdays), the group decides which stocks to buy and sell by convincing the other members of the group. The club meets in Mr. Zangrilli’s room. All grade levels are welcome. Even if you cannot attend every meeting, you can still join because most of the work is done at home. Enrollment in the club is open throughout the competition.


    Student Government

    The Student Government organizes school Spirit Week and conducts the Spirit Assembly.  For community involvement the S.G. carols at Springvale, Skyview, and Bethel. The Thirteenth Annual "Senior Citizen Dance" will be held in the spring of 2013.  The S.G. organizes the Recognition Dinner for students involved in cocurricular activities.  In order to increase school spirit, monthly spirit days have been started as well as "Waffle Day". The “Annual Haunted HS" coordinated by the Student Government was attended by over 350 elementary students. Its “Spare Change Drive” raised $1,150 for Katrina and Wilma Hurricane Relief programs.  In addition, one of the Student Government officers serves as the student representative to the Board of Education and reports weekly at Student Government meetings and shares activities and concerns at School Board meetings.  Other students represent Hendrick Hudson for monthly meetings at the “Regional Youth Leadership Organization.”  Student Government meets every Wednesday in room 214.


    Students Talking About Relationships

    STAR is a program which meets monthly on Monday with a counselor from Hope's Door to educate students about dating abuse, as well as healthy relationships and how to plan and implement awareness activities in their schools and in their communities.  The mission of STAR is to pledge to speak out against interpersonal and societal violence and to promote healthy relationships based on equality, respect and trust.

    The program is adding a second dimension this year which is facilitated by the high school advisor.  Students will serve more in a peer leadership role and become mentors to their peers and help to educate them about abuse through a film which was produced by Hendrick Hudson High School on Teen Dating Violence.  Students will meet 3 times a month on Thursdays with the advisor to learn skills needed to discuss and highlight key points within their presentations. The STAR peer leaders will be trained on how to facilitate discussions with both students & parents after showing individual school district premieres, as well as activities with their own peers from Hendrick Hudson. Peer Leaders will also participate in the annual Hope's Door teen symposium held October 26th, 2012 at Pace University where our film will be the keynote activity for all participants to view.


    Varsity Club

    The Varsity Club promotes all athletic teams at HHHS, emphasizes school spirit and sportsmanship, and provides school and community service.  The club hosts the Varsity Basketball and Baseball Tournaments, sells food at home Sectional Games, and hosts the 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament and other tournaments depending on student interest.  The club also co-sponsors the Senior Awards Banquet, paying for the dinner for every member of the senior class and providing scholarships to exceptional student-athlete-leaders.  The club sponsors a community-wide fund raiser each year and maintains the garden by the main field. Their largest activity is overseeing each varsity team’s sponsorship of a clinic for 4-6th graders during their season.


    Instrumental Winds

    Comprised of four separate units: Jazz Band, Pep band, marching band and Night concerts /NYSSMA preparation.

    Jazz Band: Open for audition to saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, bass and drum set. We meet weekly on Thursdays. A performance is scheduled each spring and may also include performances at school functions and community events.

    Pep Band: pep band will be made up of any instrumental wind volunteers. Performances will be at home football games. All music will be reviewed prior to the games.

    Marching Band: preparation of marching formations and music, distribution of music and uniforms, training of student drum major, participation in memorial day parade. *Additional performances at the discretion of band director.

    Night concerts/NYSSMA Prep: Preparation, supervision, and direction of concert band and wind ensemble in scheduled night performances. Preparation and supervision of students at Area All-State auditions and rehearsals, and Junior High All-County auditions, rehearsals and concerts.

    *A Drum Major may be appointed and trained in order to lead pep band and marching band with the supervision of a district appointed adult.



    Yearbook is an annual student publication that captures the personality and memories of the High School community each year.  The graduating class is celebrated in their commencement year as well as all students in the school.  The club meets to organize the book in both student pictures and journal writings.  Each year a senior editorial committee decides a theme for the current yearbook and then trains and works with other student staff to create this publication.  Yearbook meets frequently in both small and larger groups.  You can contribute any amount of hours to yearbook.  New staff is always welcome!