Our Classroom Program

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    We will be incorporating many exciting things into our program this year. These items include the top research-based interventions for working with students with autism and other developmental disabilities. These supports and strategies are aimed to help our students grow in the academic, behavior, and communication domains. Here is a brief list of the main program components:


    • The use of Smartboard technology
    • Discrete Trial Instruction/Applied Verbal Behavior Programs
    • Structured Task Baskets
    • Scholastic News Classroom Magazines
    • BCBA (certified in ABA therapies) Consultation with Kiley Cole
    • Daily Speech Support in the Classroom (in addition to any individual mandates your child may have) with Karen Burstein
    • Weekly OT Support in the Classroom (also in addition to any individual mandates your child may have) with Russell Passante
    • PT Support both in and out of the Classroom (according to individual mandates) with Dianna Palmisano
    • Adapted Physical Education with Joe Bruno
    • Opportunities for Integration within the General Education Classrooms as appropriate