• Homework is meant to help students review and practice what is taught in school. 

    Each morning students will copy down their specific homework assignments in their agenda. 

     Math- In 5th grade, we will have math homework Monday-Thursday.

    • You will be able to look back in your math binder at the notes from class to help you with your homework.
    • If you are having trouble completing a math problem, try it first, then write us a note to let us know what part you need help with. We would rather you try a problem and get the answer wrong than leave a problem blank. We will be here to help the next day! 
    • Practice your math facts! (You can use flashcards, or xtramath.org) 

    For homework help videos:  Click Here  (search "Duane Habecker Grade 5 Module __ Lesson __") 

    ELA- Students should read for at least 20 minutes each night. 

    • You can read by yourself, with a parent, with a sibling, or friend! 
    • Students will sometimes be given reading passages with prompts to practice reading comprehension, vocabulary, & fluency.