• U12 L1 HW (1-1)  9/4/19 due next day  U12 L1 Notes

    U12 L2 HW(1-2)   9/5/19 due next day     U12 L2 Notes                     

    U12 L3 HW(1-3)   9/9/19 due next day  U12 L3 Notes

    HW(1-4)  Two-Way Tables 9/11/19 due next day

    CW(1-1) Test 1 Practice

    HW(1-4b) More Two Way Practice  9/12/19 due next day More Two Way Prac

    U12 L4 HW(1-5)  9/17/19 due next day U12 L4 Notes

    U12 L5 HW(1-6)  9/19/19          U12 L5 Notes             If you can not print then do the homework in your notebook instead!!!!

    U12 L6 HW (1-7)   9/20/19     U12 L6 Notes

    10/2/19 13.1 HW      13.1 Notes

    10/3/19 13.2 HW1    13.2 Notes

    10/7/19 13.3 HW2  Actually 13.2 HW2



     10/8/19 13.3 HW   13.3 Notes

    U13 L4ZS 10/18/19  Z-Score Notes Z- Score Notes


       Z- Score Notes for your Perusal Z-Score Notes

    Z-Score Practice Sheet Ans #1 Z PS answerkey

    Z-Score Practice Sheet Ans #2 Z-Score #2 AK


    10/28/19 U1 L1 Notes U1 L1 Notes

    10/31/19   Linear Regression Packet  due 11/4  30 points (Assignments not handed in without explanation are zeroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  

    11/1/19      22 Solving Fraction Equations due at end of class 11/4 (EFFORT  grade!!!!!) (Assignments not handed in are zeroes!!!!!)

    11/4/19      Quest Practice due 11/6

    11/7/19      Solving Equations Quiz . Last assignment of first marking period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unit 1 NOTES



    U1 L3 Notes

    U1 L4 Notes

        12/16   Unit 3 HW ans U3 L1 to U3 L3 D1 U3 Answers


          TAKE HOME DUE 1/6/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Partner/Take Home due Jan


         1/21   U3 L7 Packet Answers  U3 L7 HW Answers                       

         1/22   SYSTEM REVIEW System Review Answers


    Chapter 6  3/13/20   In case we are out of school

         U6L1 HW U6 L1 HW                      answers    U6 L1 HWANS

         U6L2 HW U6 L2 HW Factoring        answers    U6 L2 HWANS1

         U6L2 HW2 U6 L2 HW2                  answers   Already attached on page 2. Try page one FIRST then compare afterwards!!!!!!!!!


        3/18/2020   Today is the first day of Virtual Learning  U6 L1 Lesson is on lesson tab. today's Assignment is doing U6 L1 HW which was given out and is above for those who were absent friday.  The homework answers will be put on this tab later today. If you are a student who owes the 90 point test from two weeks I  am placing it here and the deadline for submission to me is next wednesday 3/25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a2 Quest due 3/25!!!!!!

         3/19/2020  U6 L2 Lesson /L3      U6 L2 and U6 L3                                       do HW #1  Lesson 2

         3/20/2020   Classwork will be  U6 L2 HW2 which is above.

        3/23/2020  Classwork will be  U6 L3  HW U6 L3 HWCW       U6 L3 Answers                        This is the assignment  3/27 EFFORT!!!!! Email by 3/27!!!!!!


       3/24/2020   U6 L4 with Answers   U6 L4 Fac Completely  more detailed answers here  U 6 L4 ANSW

       3/25/2020   U6 L5   HW   U6 L5 HW

       3/26/2020   U6  L6  HW   U6 L6 HW

       3/30/2020   Answers for U6 L6  U6 L6 HWANS

        3/31/2020     U6 L7  HW  U6 L7 HW  U6 L7 HWANS

        4/1/2020    Classwork U6 L5/ U6 L6 (ALSO POSTED ON GOOGLE ALREADY!!!!!!)  due by 4/3 preferably 

                    A2 CDUBS #2

         U6 L7  Inequalities is an additional topic I added. I will have an optional Extra Credit Assignment to this in the future

        4/3/2020   Quadratic Formula Classwork  Quadratic CW






    #1)Review Day1                Chapter 6 Unit 6 Review

    #2)Review Day2                Chapter 8 Unit 8

    Last Final Review Last Practice

     More Final Practice More Final Practice


      YPY issues  1) Absolute Value has two answrs (plus or minus) 2) Completing the square is not changeable!!!!  8 to 10 MHS is available to help. Good Luck.