• Welcome to my website! Although we will rely more heavily on the Google Classroom during the school year, I recommend becoming acquainted with my website over the course of the summer. Some important files are listed below.


    I look forward to seeing you again in September, and I'm excited for year two of AP World!

  • AP Summer Assignment 2019-2020: This document outlines all work that students are expected to have completed upon returning to school in September.


    New AP World History Course and Exam Description: This legnthy PDF file outlines the entire AP World History course. At the end of the document is a sample AP Exam. You will master these college-level concepts and questions by the time you take the AP Exam in May!


    Important Change to the Curriculum: Beginning this school year, the AP Exam will transition to its new format. Your class will be the first to take this new exam, which focuses only on world history from 1200 to the present. Most content prior to 1200 was covered last year, meaning the latter half of the course will receive more attention and emphasis this year.