Quiz wil be on Wednesday 2/26/2020

    Define the following terms and provide an example where applicable

    1. Name 3 political parties and for 2 of them name 2 planks in their platform

    2. Open Primary

    3. Closed Primary

    4. Caucus

    5. Idealogue

    6. Name 4 Democrats running for president














    PIG Quiz Study Sheet Quiz is on Friday 1/17/2020  


    • Executive Order - A Governor or the President can write an Executive order – It has the power / force of law.


    • Governor Cuomo changes the Tappan Zee bridge to Gov. Mario Cuomo bridge
    • FDR Executive Order 9066 Orders all Japanese Americans to internment camps. FDR signed 3,721 executive orders

    c.Truman desegregates the armed forces 1948.


    1. Democratic Ideology
    2. social liberalism


    1. expansion of civil rights to all citizens.


    1. Communism- same as socialism BUT a 1 party system. Devoid of free elections, no God given rights, no individual self worth


     What is Republican Ideology?

    1. Conservatism-free enterprise, capitalism, strong National defense

    Judeo-Christian beliefs. Traditional values. What does GOP stand for? Who was the 1st GOP President?








    Quiz is on Tuesday 11/ 26. Memorize the terms below. 

    Define Democracy - Demos = entire citizen body & Kratos = rule

    Explain Democracy -Majority rule Constitutional govt. Belief of individual self-worth & equal rights for all.


    Democratic Capitalism - Combines liberal democracy with capitalism in support of individual freedom and pluralism. The market place is the center of the democratic capitalist system


    American dream – The widespread belief that the United States is a land of opportunity and that individual initiative and hard work can bring economic success.

    Representative system of Govt. You vote for a politician who makes decisions in your stead.


    Recall – the action to vote out a state elected official.

    How many years  does a sentor serve in the upper house until they need to run for re-election?

    How many years does a member of the House of Representatives serve until they need to run for re-election

    How long does a member of represenratives serve in the lower house until they need to run for re-elction?



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    Quiz on 10/22/19

    Caucus - Explain how it works and what state uses the Caucus system for President

    How many years does a member of the House of Representatives serve for?

    How Many years does a senator serve for?

    NYS entitlement Programs




    Quiz is on Friday 9/27/2019

    What is the historic conflict between Democrts & Republicans? Explain!

    Entilement Programs

     social security



    SSI Disability income

    Welfare Programs – state sponsored and federal aid is provided also

    Section 8 Housing allowance

    Food stamps

    Unemployment Insurance





    Study these terms for Monday 9/16/2019. You will be asked to explain and or define some or all of the terms below.

    Describe 4 Planks in the democrtic and republcan parties

    what is an anarchist?

    according to republicans what are the 6 responsibilities of the Federal governemnt?

    Open primary

    Closed Primary

    Name 3 Political parties