String Instrument Maintenance

  • Taking care of your instrument is especially important during this period of time that it will not be checked by your teacher. Some tips for proper instrument maintenace are below. 

    • Always leave your instrument & bow safely put away in the case when you are not playing
    • Store your instrument somewhere that is regular room temperature, away from radiators and vents
    • If you can, avoid bringing your instrument into rooms that are very dry or very humid
    • Never leave your instrument sitting in the car, especially in very hot or very cold weather
    • At the end of each practice session, gently wipe rosin dust off of your instrument with a soft cloth
    • Do not use any polish or cleanser that Ms. Hecht has not approved
    • Keep your instrument safely away from your younger siblings and pets. The only person that should be handling your instrument at home is you!

    A note about tuning:

    The issue that I expect most of you will run into while school is closed is your instrument going out of tune. Depending on the situation, it may be anywhere from slightly bothersome to nearly impossible to play with out of tune strings. Tuning is an advanced and complex skill, and while it may mean missing some practice time, I am going to ask you all:  please do not attempt to tune your instruments on your own. It is very easy to break parts of the instrument if you're not careful, and that would leave us in an even worse situation. If your instrument is out of tune and you want to talk to me about it, please email and we can discuss the specifics. Thank you!