Advice for Learning at Home

  • Ms. Hecht's advice for learning instrumental music from home:

    • Set up your practice space carefully. It probably feels like there are a lot of people in your house right now! If you can, find a quiet place without distractions.
    • Use a music stand (and if you play violin, viola, or bass, STAND while you practice!) If you would like to buy one and you need advice, send Ms. Hecht an email!
    • Practice with a friend over video chat! It can be tricky to play together because of delays in the connection, but you can take turns playing for each other and giving advice!
    • If you are working in our book, use the EEi app! See the EE Interactive page of this website to get started.
    • Before you work on concert music, warm up first using scales and long bows.
    • P R A C T I C E   S L O W L Y
    • Focus on a single measure or line that is giving you trouble.
    • If you're stuck, play through a passage using just your left hand (without making any sound).
    • Play something fun at the end of your practice time.
    • When you feel ready, play for an audience! Get your family together and play a mini concert for them!

    ...and most importantly:

    • Don't panic! Take a breath and remember 2 things:  you know how to do this, and you can always ask Ms. Hecht for help! I'm just an email away!