Scales & Book Review

  • While our focus right now is learning concert music, it is still important to review what you know and to make sure the fundamentals of your playing are in place! Here are some guidelines for scales & reviewing in the book:


    • 4th grade:  D Major scale (low D to high D, and back down again)
    • 5th grade violin:  D Major, G Major, A Major
    • 5th grade viola:  D Major, G Major, C Major
    • 5th grade cello:  D Major, G Major, C Major
    • 5th grade bass:  D Major, G Major

    Scale Rhythms

    • Mississippi Hot Dog
    • Drop the Chalupa
    • Up River, Down River
    • Strawberry Blueberry
    • Create your own!

    Essential Elements Book & App

    Your Essential Elements book is an excellent resource for review material. You can also use it for reference while working on new material like concert songs! Feel free to explore other pages in addition to those listed below.

    If you'd like to use the Essential Elements Interactive app while learning from home, visit the EE Interactive page of this website for more details or email me if you need help getting started!

    • 4th grade review:  pages 12-13 (including rosin raps), pages 14-15 (practice reading without note names)
    • 5th grade review:  page 29 (ties & slurs), pages 32-33 (F and C natural - new notes you'll need for Rigadoon!)