December News

  • What's New With The Gillis Gang?

    December came and went in a flash!  I hope everyone enjoyed their vacation days.  We are now ready for a new year filled with many opportunities to work on interesting projects.

    Reading: The children have been reading, listening to and disscussing books with a non-fiction theme.  They are learning to work cooperatively and support each other as developing readers.  Please continue reading aloud with the reading log homework, as this opportunity provides your child with the needed practice of strengthening their fluency. 

    Writing:   The children have been learning to organize their thoughts and setting them up in their writing journals as Mr. Anderson demonstrates techniques/models how to become an expert on the topic of the children's choice.  They have been focusing on nonl-fiction writing.  They have also started how to write for an "How To" story.  They created a snowperson and then wrote about how to actually make one with snow.  Both of these types of writing could be used on the NYS tests.  Please try to practice at home and have some fun with the topics.

    Math: We continue working with our Module 3 unit and are learning new vocabulary such as decompose and communitive property along with the distributive property.  They are learning many ways to solve for the word problem answers.  Please review multiplication facts with your child as this is vital for understanding how to complete the problems.  Practice while riding in the car, getting ready for dinner etc.  Skip counting is an easy way to learn the facts.

    Social Studies:  We are having fun learning about our continents.  We are also going to learn about landforms.  The children will continue with the geography unit into January.  Then we will take a break to try a unit in science.