My Homework

  • Here are directions for our weekly classroom homework.

    Monday night: Spelling practice book goes home everynight. Children are to do only one page a night of the lesson of the week.  Math book also goes home and they are to do only the pages assigned for tonight. Very important they return the math book as we need the pages for classwork the next day. Look for this information in your child's homework pad.  Both the Spelling and Math books are to be return the next day.


    Tuesday night: Math book goes home and they are to do the pages assigned. Spelling practice books goes home. Return the next day.


    Wednesday night: Math books go home to do the next page assigned. Spelling books go home and do pages assigned.  Return the next day


    Thursday night: Math book goes home and they are to do the pages assigned.  The children should also be practicing their spelling words for the spelling Postest on Friday. 


    *There may be occasions where we will assign children some homework on worksheets which correlate with the lessons being taught within the class.

    **There also may be some re-arranging of assignments during the weeks we have days off.  Look for the information on slips of paper to come home. 

    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.