My Resources


         I-Ready is a school wide reading practice system which focuses on individual targeted skills. The lessons are fun and we are able to track progress from our teacher site. Have Fun!

           Vizzle is an interactive educational software which we will be updating throughout the year. The students are familiar with the program here in school and will have fun playing at home with such activities as matching, reading, sorting and even games! Students can use Vizzle at home on their tablet or computer.

         Username - first name - all lower case letters followed by the numbers 101 (no spaces)

         password - 1234 for all students

                           Have Fun!

             Typing Club is a online typing website which the students can use to improve their keyboarding skills. The students can log  onto typing club at home by entering the same username and password which they use to log onto their accounts here is school. The students independently log on here and should be able to easily log on at home as well!

              IXL is an online and interactive practice site for both ELA and Math Skills. Students will have their own accounts and will need to log - in with their username and password. They can choose the grade and skill they wish to practice. This site is fun and super effective. Have Fun!   

    User names are all unique. For 7th and 8th graders their username is firstlast followed by the numbers 512. For example, kellipeterson512. For 6th grade students usernames are firstlast followed by the numbers 585. For example, kellipeterson585.

    Passwords for all students are 1234