Project Read!

  • Project Read
    Our year long reading project which allows students to dive into the world of Words, Imagination and Information!!

    At home reading is a critical component to developing a love for literature and information. Every person has a preferred genre of books and literature and the only way to discover your true interests are to explore as many of these styles as possible. Immersing yourself in literature is also a crucial component in developing more sophisticated critical thinking skills.

    This ongoing project will give you the opportunity to explore your interests and discover your preferred genre’s.

    Please read the project guidelines carefully with a parent or guardian and sign on the lines below.

    Get ready for your journey into the World of Words, Imagination and Information!

    Project Guidelines

    1)   All book choices must be approved by your teacher and parent. By the end of the year, students must read at least one book from each of the below genre’s.

    a.   Realistic Fiction

    b.   Historical Fiction

    c.   Fantasy

    d.   Mystery

    2)  Reading of your book choice should take place at home at least four days of each week. You are of course welcome to read more!

    3)  Each student will be expected to complete the problem sets for each book/novel.

    a.   Your teacher will check the progress of these problem sets each week.

    b.   Problem sets should be completed by the end of each book/novel.

    4)  Have Fun!!!