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    November 30, 2019

    Dear Parents,

     The Holiday season has come upon us so quickly.  We hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving break and we look forward to the December holidays!

      In Math this month, we continued to work in Module Two, Multi-Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations.  We started with mental strategies for multi-digit whole number multiplication. This included using multiples of ten and place value patterns to solve problems.  We estimated and discussed the importance of estimating when multiplying decimals. This makes sure we have placed the decimal in the correct place. We then used area models, which lead us into standard algorithms.  We discussed properties such as commutative, associative and distributive. We will be taking the Mid-Module Assessment soon. Please make sure you sign it and returned it to school. We will be moving towards division and decimal division.  Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your children. It is essential for your child's success as we move forward. Extra help, in math, is on Wednesday mornings at 8:30.

      The children are finishing their first writing piece in Writer’s Workshop.  We can’t tell you how pleased we are with the work that they have done! While writing their personal narratives, they have each learned how to apply specific writing strategies that helped them to make their published writing the best it could be.  We covered techniques such as how to write attention-grabbing leads; how to elaborate using dialogue, action, thoughts and descriptions; how to make more powerful word choices, and the importance of ending pieces to give readers a sense of closure. Many of the children even added figurative language to their work!  The students spent a great deal of time proofreading and editing their writing, which allowed them to continue to make revisions along the way. We will be publishing our writing next week by celebrating and sharing our work. Students’ writing will also be added to a ‘classroom book’ that will be displayed and read throughout the year.  Your child’s self-edited writing piece will be coming home for review in the next few days, along with the rubric that was used to score their work. Keep up the great work, Fifth Graders! Extra help is available every Tuesday morning, at 8:30. In December, we will begin our first unit in Science on the Scientific Method... stay tuned. 

      In Social Studies / ELA, we are finishing our “We’re Moving Where” presentations.   The children are looking forward to learning about the first Americans. During December, current events numbers 8, 9 & 10 will be due each Friday. Remind your children to plan their time, so that they have time to complete their current event assignments. Extra help is available every Thursday at 8:30.    

      During Reader’s Workshop, children are reading a variety of literary texts and students continue to describe and analyze common elements of a story (character, plot, setting, theme). We are also finishing our Read-Aloud, Home of the Brave. The children are transferring the skills taught during our mini-lessons of this book into their own Partner books.  It is important for students to read 25 minutes (or more) every night and respond to the pages they read. Also, the children should be working on iReady Reading lessons for 40 minutes per week. 






    1. 12/5 Day/Night Winter Concert 7:30pm
    2.  12/9 Early Release
    3.   12/10 PTA Meeting 7:30pm
    4.   12/13 Cookie Dough Pickup              3-7:30pm
    5. 12/23 - ⅓ School Closed