Class Expectations


    1. Be prepared for class.
          A. Be in your assigned seat when class is scheduled to begin.
          B. Have your binder, pencil, paper, calculator and any assignments due.
          C. Place assignment due in a visible spot on your desk.
          D. Work on Do-Now while attendance and homework is checked.

    2. Be prepared to take an active role in class.
          A. Listen to the ideas of others (No talking while another is talking).
          B. Feel free to share your experiences and/or ideas.

    3. Be prompt in getting on task and completing assignments/tasks.

    4. Be prepared to remain in class once class begins.
          A. Bathroom use should only be used in an emergency and not a habit.

    5. Be in your seat unless otherwise instructed.

    6. Be prepared with Assignments.
          A. Any assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the due date.
          B. Assignments are to be neat and organized.

    The Math Anxiety
    Bill Of Rights
    • I have the right to learn at my own pace and not feel put down or stupid if I'm slower than someone else.
    • I have the right to ask whatever questions I have.
    • I have the right to need extra help.
    • I have the right to ask a teacher for help.
    • I have the right to say I don't understand.
    • I have the right to feel good about myself regardless of my abilities in math.
    • I have the right not to base my self-worth on my math skills.
    • I have the right to view myself as capable of learning math.
    • I have the right to relax.
    • I have the right to define success in my own terms.