AP Review Book Assignments

  • Review Book Assignment Schedule

    Below you will find your next set of assignments.


    • Your next set of review book assignments are below.
    • Each set of multiple choice questions are worth 10 points each!
    • Please write your final answers on a separate sheet of paper.  Bring your answers to class on the due date below and we will go over the answers at the beginning of class.


    Read pages 454-640 (You don't have to read word for word if you don't want to as you are at a similar spot in your textbook reading).

    Answer the multiple choice questions on pp. 470-472, pp. 491-493, pp. 516-518, pp. 542-544, pp. 574-576, pp. 595-597, pp. 619-621, pp. 642-644. (Answer 4 of the 8 sets of questions).


    Due Date: Wednesday May 8!!