• Directions: Please choose one of the essay questions below.  Your essay should be several paragraphs long, hand written, include an introduction with a proper thesis statement and a valid conclusion.

    • Write a convincing argument that Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller Sr. were either robber barons or a captains of industry.
    • To what extent was Mark Twain's "Gilded Age" characterization of this period of American history accurate?
    • You are a history student going to college during this time.  Your history professor assigns you two possible questions to answer.  Choose one of the questions below:

                    - The Age of Industrialization was a great period of success in our history.

                    - The Age of Industrialization exposed all that is wrong with American society, capitalism, and democracy.

    Due Date: Monday March 3rd!!!  No late papers will be accepted!!