Colonial Fair Information



        Creating a Googleslide Presentation for the Colonial Fair                 Image result for colonist mass bay colonies                       


    Purpose-Colonial Fair

    Attract Settlers to your Colony


    Accomplishing the Task


    Step 1: Review and assign roles to each group member.



    1.       Advertising Director- the one in charge of making sure the group fully completes the task requirements on time and with solid effort, has final say on all requirements.  Use your leadership skills and if necessary ask me for help!




    •  2 Graphic Artist- the one in charge of making the presentation look professional; add props ie. pumpkins, bread, fruit, pie



    Salesperson- the one in charge of creating a memorable sales                             presentation to “sell” the colony.  The Salesperson brainstorms with                   the group on a presentation.  A script must be handed in.



                4.  Copywriter- ALL are in charge of their written components for each task.