Rubic for Colonial Fair Project

  • Colonial Fair Rubric



    Unsatisfactory (1)

    Not Meeting Expectations

    Satisfactory (2)

    Approaching Expectations

    Good/Very Good (3)

    Meets Expectations

    Excellent (4)

    Exceeds Expectations



    Task Requirements




    Meets fewer than 4 requirements:

    ·         slogan

    ·         sales presentation

    ·         jingle

    ·         banner

    ·         sales gimmick

    Meets 4 requirements:

    ·         slogan

    ·         sales presentation

    ·         jingle

    ·         banner

    ·         sales gimmick

    Includes/addresses, with some creativity,  all 5 requirements:

    ·         slogan

    ·         sales presentation

    ·         jingle

    ·         banner

    ·         sales gimmick

    Fully & creatively develops all 5 requirements:

    ·         catchy slogan

    ·         convincing sales presentation

    ·         entertaining jingle

    ·         eye-catching booth

    ·         tempting sales gimmick




    ·         many historical inaccuracies demonstrate a lack of understanding and ability to apply content appropriately 

    ·         historical inaccuracies present

    ·         few indistinguishable details included may pertain to multiple colonies

    ·         lacks full content comprehension

    ·         historically accurate

    ·         details included are specific and unique to assigned colony

    ·         applies the content meaningfully

    ·         historically accurate

    ·         highlights appropriate details and  characteristics of assigned colony

    ·         advanced application of content



    Organization & Presentation of Materials



    ·         booth appears to be “thrown together” without evidence of task requirements

    ·         presenter is not familiar with sales presentation or the information about the assigned colony

    ·         few/no details included

    ·         lacks planning or effort/thought

    ·         booth and/or presenter unable to provide a convincing presentation

    ·         few details included, limits ability to see value in the colony or booth/tasks

    ·         evidence of some planning, mostly last minute arrangements


    ·         fair booth is appealing but group member may but may “stumble” when presenting more than one task/element of sales pitch

    ·         adequate details reflect use of the textbook

    ·         demonstrates evidence of planning and effort

    ·         convincing and attractive advertising campaign/booth

    ·         descriptive details included which demonstrates use of research beyond the textbook

    ·         considerable planning and effort illustrated

    ·         prepared in all areas of each task including all 6 GRAPES

    Mechanics &


    ·         significant and repetitive spelling and grammar errors make presentation difficult to understand

    ·         considerable spelling or grammar errors which take away from the overall presentation

    ·         minor spelling or grammar errors present in more than one requirement

    ·         all requirements completely free of spelling or grammar errors



    Group Work Skills



    ·         unable to meet individual obligations

    ·         contributed to “friction” within the group setting

    ·         little involvement with the group

    ·         little contribution to role’s requirements

    ·         wasted class time

    ·         dominated the group or was not involved usefully

    ·         struggled to meet assigned task or carry out assigned role

    ·         struggled to meet the requirements of the assigned role

    ·         did not use class time effectively


    ·         completed assigned tasks with sufficient detail

    ·         able to work within the group setting by applying listening and communication skills

    ·         positive contributions

    ·         nicely met requirements of assigned role

    ·         used class time effectively

    ·         completed all assigned individual tasks with great attention to detail

    ·         listened, communicated and cooperated with group members

    ·         provided sound ideas to promote the completion of the tasks

    ·         fully carried out all components of assigned role

    ·         used class time efficiently


    Grading:          28/27= E (100)        24= E- (93)    21/20 = VG (85)     17= G (78)      14/13= G- (70)    10 = S (68)     9/8= NI (65)     >7= U (55)



    Grade:                         Task ______    Information ______    Organization ______  Mechanics  ______    Group Work ______                  Total ________