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    Native American Report Outline


    This outline is part of the pre-writing process you will use to write your essay.   You will need to find the information listed on the outline but you need to expand on it when writing the essay, not just answer the questions.


    I.                   Name the Native American Group________________________

    a.     What did the Native American name mean?

    b.     What language did they speak?

    c.  What region did they come from?

    d.  Describe the region?


    II.               Describe their environment?

    a.     Which continent did they live in?

    b.     How did they survive off their environment?


    III.           What kind of house did the tribe live in?

    a.     Describe the housing.

    b.     Describe how many people/families lived in the house.

    c.      What materials did they use to make their shelter?


         IV. How did the tribe get their food?

    a.      Describe if they hunted, what they hunted and where they hunted.

    b.     Describe if the tribe fished, what they fished for and where they fished.

    c.      Described if they farmed, what they farmed and how.

    d.     Describe what kind of tools and weapons they used.


    V.               How was the tribe led and structured?

    a.     Who made the decisions for the tribe?

    b.     How were the family units established?

    c.      What were the roles of men & women?

    d.     Was there any one part of the family or tribe that was more revered than others?

    e.      Were they considered a tribe or civilization? Why?


    VI.           Was the tribe peaceful or were they warriors?

    a.     Describe how the tribe interacted with the tribes around them.

    b.     Describe how the tribe interacted with the white man.



    VII.        Were there any famous members of the tribe?

    a.     Who was the famous member?

    b.     What were their accomplishments/why did they become famous?


    VIII. Include three other interesting things about your tribe.




    You will also need:


    1.     A map showing where your tribe lived.

    2.     An oral presentation of your essay to be presented to the class.

    Choose from the following Native American groups.

    Cheyenne, Crow, Pawnee, Blackfoot, Apache, Mohawk, Iroquois, Powhatan, Huron, Mohican, Navajo, Pueblo, Hopi,