Task Directions

  • 1. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/journals_maps_15.html          Lewis & Clark Journals

     2.Sstudents are to click on the “Read the Journals” tab, click a specific year, and then a specific month. Students can then navigate and browse through the journal entries written in that month by various expedition members (in chronological order by day) by clicking the “next” or “previous” tabs at the top of each page.

    3.For this project, students will need to focus on 2 different days from the year 1803, 2 different days from the year 1804, and 2 different days from the year 1805. Students should read all the entries from the various expedition members for the particular day they are focusing on. They should review the vocabulary list for the unit as a preview and jot down vocabulary that is unfamiliar as they read the entries.

    4. The student should read one entry; highlight the most significant evidence about the expedition on that day. Give the students 10-15 minutes to do this. Then they share what they have found with the group, as the other students take notes.

     Use the “Interactive Atlas” tool, http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/lewisandclark/map.htm  to give you more information Lousiana Purchase territory and the route Lewis & Clark took as they journeyed west.

     http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/journals_maps_15.html          Lewis & Clark Journals


    Days 3 and 4

    1.Distribute comic strip templates (included) and discuss the requirements for the strip. Students will create a 6 frame comic strip, in chronological order, based on the 6 days he/she or the group focused on. They will need to note the date, give a brief synopsis of the day’s events for each slide (no more than 2-3 sentences), and illustrate an important event from that day, using thought bubbles and accurate details/vocabulary encountered in the journals they read. Students can either:

    • Hand-draw the strip using the given templates 1 or 2 (please note while the design for template 1 is fun, text boxes are not included for the date and synopsis; students will need to hand-write in or make their own text boxes).
    • Generate the strip online:
    • Use the following PROGRAM to create your comic strip
      • “Toon Doo Maker.” ToonDoo. http://www.toondoo.com/ World’s fastest way to create comic strips and cartoons. ToonDoo is a cool, comic-creating tool from Jambav, a fun site for kids.