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  • Remember to Be WISER

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot


    A Day is Kindergarten:


    Morning Meeting - This is the time when all the WISE Owls meet on the rug to start their day!  The OWL (Outstanding Wonderful Learner) leads the children as they do the pledge, count the days of school, complete the calendar and sing and chart the weather!


    Language Arts - Our district adopted a research based Language Arts program aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  Through Fundations kindergarten students will be able to answer questions requiring literal recall and understanding of details and facts of fiction text, describe characters, settings, events and facts from a fiction text read independently, read alone, in a group or with a partner for 15 minutes each day, orally blend sounds to form words, read high frequency words identified as trick words, read decodable text with purpose and understanding and spell and write CVC, CCVC, CVCC or CCVCC words taught throughout the year.


    Reader's Workshop - is additional literacy time within the school day where teachers can work with students in developmentally appropriate groupings to meet their individual needs.  This is an opportunity for the traditional read aloud work, literacy based centers and immersion in text where teachers can facilitate student choice from existing leveled libraries based on interest, availability and readability.

     Writer's Workshop- Our district adopted a research based Writing program aligned with the common core State Standards.  Through the Writer's Workshop Kindergarten students will learn to write words to create text.  This will give them the opportunity to become authors!



    Math - Our district had adopted a Story of Units based on the Common Core Standards. This research based curriculum incorporates a balance of instruction between a traditional and hands-on approach.  The program is divided into five main concepts.  In addition we will incorporate Math Buddies.  The concepts we focus on in kindergarten are:

    *Classify and Count Numbers to 10

    *Comparison with Length, Weight and Numbers to 10

    *Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction of Numbers to 10

    *Numbers 10-20, Counting to 100 by 1 and 10


    Science - This year there is a new Science Curriculum with the title of "Science 21!" This curriculum allows students to construct essential core ideas, evaluate phenomena, identify real-world human problems and apply science and engineering practices




     Social Studies -

    Myself and Others


    How Can I Be a Good Citizen?


    Understanding Needs and Wants


    Purposeful Play - Play is a very important part of the kindergarten curriculum.  During playtime the children gain many life skills.  They learn to communicate their needs and wants.  They learn to cooperate, take turns and share.  At times they are working together as a team and at other times they have the opportunity to be a leader. All these experiences and so many more are fostered through play.