3rd Grade News

  • Dear Parents,

          Welcome to THIRD grade!  I am enthusiastic to work with your children this year.  We are off to a fantastic start and I would like to share with you some important classroom information.


    1.  Specials:         Day 1         Day 2         Day 3       Day 4        Day 5         Day 6  

                                  Gym*        Library**       Art           Gym*        Music        Glee Club            *Sneakers needed     **Return library books     



     2. Working Snacks:  Healthy snacks like carrots, apples, cheese, granola bars along with water can be brought to class. I would ask that the reusable water bottles not be frozen and that they go home each day.  NO Chips or Sweets!   

    Because of allergies of several studentsPLEASE DO NOT SEND NUTS OR PRODUCTS WITH NUTS TO SCHOOL!



    3. Communication: The best way to reach me would be through email:  catherine.holzman@henhudschools.org, but please note that I usually read them & respond late at night.  If you need to reach me during the school day, please call 914-257-5400 Voice Mail: 6407.  My website, Mrs. Holzman's "Sun"sational Third Graders , is also another resource for you and your children.



    4.  Lunch Money: I ask that you please send any money in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it.  If repaying borrowed monies, please put it in another envelope also with a name on it. 



    5. Assignment Pads:  I will use this as one line of communication with you. Please check it daily.



    6.  Home Learning:  HL will be assigned daily except for Fridays.  The most important part of homework is reading each night.  All HW folders need to come back in each day.  My expectation is all work to be done to a student’s ability and returned in a timely manner.  If homework is taking more than 30 minutes on a regular basis, please let me know.  



    7.  Reading Notebooks:  Each week, your child will will be asked to write a letter to me about their reading.  Only one letter a week will be handed in, although they could write as often as they like.  This letter is to be handed in on their specific day.  (See Reading Notebook page for specific days). 



    8. Birthday Celebrations: I welcome birthday celebrations please just sent in a small treat (sweets are okay but remember the NO Nuts) that we will share at snack time.  Summer birthdays will celebrate their half birthday- July birthdays will celebrate in January and August birthdays will celebrate in February. 



    9.  Book Orders:  Book orders will be sent home frequently.  You are NOT obligated to purchase any books.  However, if you do choose to order, you can order online using our class code that will be on the flyers or you can send in a check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.  I cannot accept cash or checks made out to me. 


    Many thanks for your help and cooperation.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or concern. 

    ~Mrs. Holzman


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