Ways to Support Your Student

  • Here are some ways you can support your student

    to be successful in school:


    1.      Create an environment where reading is important- read with them, read to them, take turns reading, ask questions, have a special time/place to read, read various types of text

    2.     Show your child how math is used all around us—time, $, graphs & charts, sharing, weather predictions

    3.     Check assignment pad daily

    4.     Remind students to use strategies from Math and Reading in their homework assignments

    5.     Help your child to READ THE DIRECTIONS

    6.     Help organize your child

    7.     Build responsible behaviors e.i.being prepared, jobs, wearing glasses

    8.     Support your child to persevere (don’t give up) when the work is hard

    9.      Praise your child for trying & improving