Science & Social Studies

  • In class, we are beginning to focus on the new STEM science standards.  We began by experimenting with what will sink and and what will float.  As scientists, we examined different objects and formulated a hypothesis - Will the object sink or float?  Our unit ended with engineers designing their own aluminum foil boats.  The question is, "Will the boat float when loaded with a penny cargo?"

    In October we are learning about our 5 Senses.  How do our senses keep us safe?  How do each of our senses work?  We conducted different experiments to find out how.

    Sound Experiment:  How does sound travel?  Can we make a sound louder?

                        We made plastic cup amplifiers.

    Can we always trust our eyes?
         We looked at optical illusions.

    The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses.
    We tested our "smell memory".