Math Resources

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    IXL has a whopping 2,000 math-practice modules that meet nearly all the Common Core math standards. You'll find Pre-K games covering the fundamentals through high school lessons and learning activities on geometry, how to graph equations, or the Pythagorean theorem, for example. Read the full review.
    Numbers and Counting Adventures
    The mathematical concepts covered are sound and embedded into the games. There are a variety of counting skills, including counting a number of objects, recognizing numerals, sequencing numbers, and matching a numeral to a pictorial representation. Read the full review.
    Playful Minds Math (5-8 Years Old)
    Playful Minds Math is a fun and educationally sound game that teaches kids grade-appropriate (and Common Core-aligned!) math skills. Set on a colorful tropical island, it also includes progress reports for parents or teachers to stay on top of what kids are working on or struggling with. Read the full review.
    Bugs and Numbers
    The variety of skills covered here is unusual for math apps -- kids can practice their numbers, count money, tell time, and develop an understanding of fractions all in one place. Also, the amount of quality content for the price is remarkable. Read the full review.
    Curiosityville is a great example of age-appropriate Web content for little kids. The easy-to-use, straightforward design is aimed at the preschool to early elementary set, providing a safe online play space. Read the full review.
    DreamBox Learning Math
    DreamBox Learning Math is an interactive, adaptive, self-paced program that provides engaging activities for students to learn and practice skills and concepts in mathematics. This comprehensive mathematics program covers a wide range of subjects and skills at each grade level. One of the strengths of the program is that players can progress through the skills and activities of any grade level, regardless of their actual grade level. Read the full review.
    Cyberchase is an educational website and companion to the award-winning PBS Kids show of the same name. The games are engaging and appealing, and they provide solid practice with a variety of math skills. Read the full review.
    BrainPop Featured Movie
    Tim and Moby the robot, in a series of animated videos, break down tons of topics from atoms to the idea of … a main idea! With BrainPOP Featured Movie's extensive collection, students can get a fun, free daily dose of information. Read the full review. is a Flash-based website that boasts a dozen math games and hundreds of tutorials and quizzes -- all aligned with Common Core standards. It provides a good way of acquainting kids with a wide variety of math fundamentals, from addition and subtraction to beginning algebra concepts. Read the full review.
    Slice It!
    Slice It! delivers 200 brain-teasing puzzles that challenge kids' understanding of core geometry concepts including shapes, symmetry, area, and measurement. Each puzzle presents a different shape, which kids must "slice" into a set number of equal parts. Read the full review.
    Unlike many math games, DragonBox+ integrates entertainment and instruction so seamlessly that learning gameplay is essentially learning algebra. By the time kids "win" the game, they'll be shocked by how much they've learned. Read the full review.
    In an effort to improve middle school kids’ attitudes about the subject, Mathalicous teaches math via trendy, open-ended, real-world scenarios. Companion materials like student worksheets, a teaching guide, and a multimedia slideshow guide each lesson. Read the full review