Scholastic Book Orders

  • Scholastic Book Orders



    Each month, I will send home Scholastic book orders for students and parents to look through.  The book order selections are very popular with the students, and you will find a wide variety of books for everyone to enjoy.  

    There is a huge benefit to ordering through the book and software clubs.  You will find that the prices offered are significantly lower than bookstore prices. I also order books for our classroom with the bonus points we receive when you place an order.

    Of course, you are not obligated to order from these clubs.  However, if you do decide to take advantage of these offers, please be sure you do the following:

    • Here you can order online.  Use the code DZT3T for our classroom!
    • send in a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs for the exact amount of the order.

    • make sure your child's name is on the order form.

    • return the completed order form to school by the due date.


    You can click on the link, on the bottom of our home page,  to order online directly from Scholastic Book Clubs.

    Remember, it is a secure site and easy to use.