Fifth Grade Hotline - Hotline

  •      A fifth grade newsletter, called the Hotline, is available monthly to keep families updated and informed about curriculum work and upcoming events. The first and last issues will also be sent home, hardcopy.  For anyone who cares for a hardcopy each month, please let your child's homeroom teacher know. 

         The following are the most current issues of the Fifth Grade Hotline.    


    Please join us

    for the FGL

    Parent Ashokan Meeting! 

    Who: One 5th grade parent of each student.

    What: At this meeting we will hand out a packet which includes important medical information about the upcoming Ashokan trip on May 6th – 8th, 2020.

    Where: Frank G. Lindsey Cafeteria

    When: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

    Time: 6:00 pm

      We look forward to seeing you!



    Mrs. Many     Ms. Dyckman     Mrs. Rosen      

    Mrs. Sharkey     Mr. Moreno

    January, 2020

       Happy New Year!  We hope that you enjoyed a beautiful Holiday and New Year’s celebration with family and friends.  January has kept us quite busy.

       Artist, Jason Naylor came to FGL to inspire our children with his art!  Jason is an award-winning artist and designer who is known for his brightly colored artwork that contains positive messages revolving around love and kindness. Many of his amazing murals can be found throughout New York City and beyond.  His creative designs continue to inspire the children, as they study and create their own designs during Art class. 

       In Science, we are finishing up our unit on the Scientific Method. During this unit, the children have been conducting experiments and recording information using this step-by-step method. They created various types of tables, diagrams and graphs to use as visual representations of the data they have collected.  We learned what a controlled study is and the importance of controlling most all variables in an experiment, in order to have fair and reliable data for a conclusion. The children were introduced to the Periodic Table of Elements and have a basic understanding of what matter is. We are finishing the unit this week with a vocabulary quiz and end-of-unit test.  The children were given pre-made flashcards to study over the past 2 weeks, and have been completing a study guide packet to prepare for the test.    

      We will be beginning our next Writing unit before the Winter break. The children will be writing an informational article. During this time, students will be completing several topic entries and will have chosen one topic to write their Feature Article on.  After narrowing their topics to formulate an angle or focus, they will be using self-generated questions to guide their research and note-taking.  The children will continue to follow the Writing Process throughout the year.

      In Math this month, we completed Module Two and have begun Module Three, adding and subtracting fractions.  The children will be learning how to add and subtract fractions by making equivalent fractions. We will take what we learn and apply it to multi-step word problems.  As always, it is extremely important for children to know their multiplication facts, especially when applying it to fractions.  Extra help continues on Wednesday mornings, at 8:30am.

      In Reader’s Workshop, the children continue to read and enjoy a variety of literary texts with an emphasis on analyzing common story elements, such as character traits, relationships, plot development and theme. There has also been a focus this month on vocabulary strategies. Our goal is to allow students to become self-reliant, to independently select the words that are foreign to them, putting away the dictionaries, and instead, use the methods taught in class to define them. Please encourage your children to stop when they come across any unfamiliar words while reading, and use context clues to help them figure out the meanings.  Identifying prefixes/suffixes/roots is another way to understand the definitions of unusual or challenging words.  Students should be reading 25 minutes each night and respond every night in their journals. They are expected to complete one i-Reading Reading lesson each week. 

      The students are doing a phenomenal job on their current events!   We are up to number 16!  While the only requirement is a five sentence summary, many students are completing Google Slideshows or Google Drawings, embedding video clips and ending with a check for understanding for their classmates. How exciting it is to watch them learn from each other!   Remember that the current events can be done over the weekend or in advance, so that students do not feel compelled to wait until Thursday night.    

      The Parent Ashokan Meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 12th, at 6:00 PM in the FGL Cafeteria.  At this meeting, we will hand out a packet which includes important medical information about the upcoming Ashokan trip, which will take place in May. We hope you will join us!

    Upcoming Events:

    •       February 4th -        SEPTA Meeting, 7:00 PM
    •       February 7th -        FGL Apple of My Eye Dance, 7:00 PM
    •       February 11th -      PTA Dinner at Gaetano’s, 7 PM
    •       February 12th  -     Board of Ed Mtg., 7:30 PM
    •       February 17-21st - Winter Recess
    •       February 26th -      Board of Ed Mtg., 7:30 PM






    November 30, 2019

    Dear Parents,

      The Holiday season has come upon us so quickly.  We hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving break and we look forward to the December holidays!

      In Math this month, we continued to work in Module Two, Multi-Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations.  We started with mental strategies for multi-digit whole number multiplication. This included using multiples of ten and place value patterns to solve problems.  We estimated and discussed the importance of estimating when multiplying decimals. This makes sure we have placed the decimal in the correct place. We then used area models, which lead us into standard algorithms.  We discussed properties such as commutative, associative and distributive. We will be taking the Mid-Module Assessment soon. Please make sure you sign it and returned it to school. We will be moving towards division and decimal division.  Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your children. It is essential for your child's success as we move forward. Extra help, in math, is on Wednesday mornings at 8:30.

      The children are finishing their first writing piece in Writer’s Workshop.  We can’t tell you how pleased we are with the work that they have done! While writing their personal narratives, they have each learned how to apply specific writing strategies that helped them to make their published writing the best it could be.  We covered techniques such as how to write attention-grabbing leads; how to elaborate using dialogue, action, thoughts and descriptions; how to make more powerful word choices, and the importance of ending pieces to give readers a sense of closure. Many of the children even added figurative language to their work!  The students spent a great deal of time proofreading and editing their writing, which allowed them to continue to make revisions along the way. We will be publishing our writing next week by celebrating and sharing our work. Students’ writing will also be added to a ‘classroom book’ that will be displayed and read throughout the year.  Your child’s self-edited writing piece will be coming home for review in the next few days, along with the rubric that was used to score their work. Keep up the great work, Fifth Graders! Extra help is available every Tuesday morning, at 8:30. In December, we will begin our first unit in Science on the Scientific Method... stay tuned. 

      In Social Studies / ELA, we are finishing our “We’re Moving Where” presentations.   The children are looking forward to learning about the first Americans. During December, current events numbers 8, 9 & 10 will be due each Friday. Remind your children to plan their time, so that they have time to complete their current event assignments. Extra help is available every Thursday at 8:30.    

      During Reader’s Workshop, children are reading a variety of literary texts and students continue to describe and analyze common elements of a story (character, plot, setting, theme). We are also finishing our Read-Aloud, Home of the Brave. The children are transferring the skills taught during our mini-lessons of this book into their own Partner books.  It is important for students to read 25 minutes (or more) every night and respond to the pages they read. Also, the children should be working on iReady Reading lessons for 40 minutes per week. 


    1.  12/5           Day/Night Winter Concert 7:30pm
    2.  12/9           Early Release
    3.  12/10         FGL PTA Meeting 7:30pm
    4.  12/10-13    Holiday Shoppe
    5.  12/20         Fifth Grade Holiday Party
    6.  12/23-1/6   Holiday Recess





        MRS. SHARKEY MR. Moreno

    October 31, 2019

    Dear Parents,

      Autumn is here!  The leaves are changing color and look beautiful.  The air is brisk and the holidays are right around the corner.  It’s hard to believe November is already here!  

      The children have been working on Personal Narratives during Writer’s Workshop this month.  They spend time writing each day, learning more about the writing craft as they write. After writing several entries this month, they were given the opportunity to choose one entry to elaborate upon. They continue to work on their revisions as they head towards publication.  The children are learning more about story structure, how to bring out more meaning in their story and how to elaborate on important parts. We spend time learning more about using writing elements, such as figurative language and foreshadowing. The children are using rubrics to reach the writing goals that they have set for themselves.  They will continue to follow the Writing Process throughout the year.

       During Reader’s Workshop, classes have been listening to the book Home of the Brave. They have been using excerpts from the story to identify common elements such as character, plot, setting, and theme. We will apply these strategies from our read aloud to our partner and independent reading time. It is important that students continue to read 25 minutes per day at home and respond to the pages read.  Students should be on iReady 40 minutes a week. Students should put time spent on iReady and date on their Reading Log.

      The children are working on reading for information in SS/ELA Class.    Please look for homework once a week on their Readworks assignment.      

      Current events are due each Friday. Current event #7 will be due November 1st and #8 on November 15th. They can be completed in advance if a busy week is coming up. Students are responsible for paying attention to the guidelines as outlined in the Rubric. The students and I have a quick conference to confirm the rubric and it is brought home for a parent signature.

      We are finishing up the geography unit with the We’re Moving Where Projects. Grades are based upon the current event rubric. Out next unit will be “The First Americans.”  We look forward to exploring how they arrived in the Americas and how they lived.

    A reminder, if you haven’t signed up for Parent/Teacher conferences, please do so through Pick-a-Time.


    • November 4th Cookie Dough Fundraiser
    • November 5th No School Parent/Teacher Day Conferences
    • November 6th Board of Education Meeting 7:30pm
    • November 11th No School Veteran’s Day
    • November 12th 5th Grade PTA Mtg. & FGL PTA Mtg.
    • November 14th Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • November 26th Picture Retake Day
    • November 27th - 29th School closed Thanksgiving Recess








    SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

     Dear Parents,

      Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Frank G. Lindsey School!  This is the first issue of a monthly fifth grade newsletter we call the Hotline.  This first issue will be sent home via hard copy as well as posted on each teacher’s website.  All other issues can be found on our teacher websites on the last day of school each month. In it, you will find out about what the children are learning each month, and upcoming events at FGL.  We hope you find these Hotlines to be informative. Please make a habit out of reading the Hotline each month, as it will be a continuous form of communication between us.

       Over the past several days, we have met the children and have gotten to know a little more about them. This year, Mrs. Many will be teaching Writing and Science.  Mrs. Rosen will be teaching Social Studies and a portion of the English Language Arts program. Ms. Dyckman will be teaching Math. All three teachers will be responsible for the Reading Workshop in their homeroom. Joining us this year, are Special Education Teachers, Mrs. Sharkey and Mr. Moreno. The students have already met with the teachers and have begun to get settled into their routines.

      We explained the value of listening carefully and of using class time effectively.  We also discussed the importance of being organized; knowing what’s expected and having the proper materials to complete assignments.  We will be emphasizing the use of the Assignment Pad every day to help the children improve their organizational skills.  We ask that you review the assignments daily with your child, and sign the pad each evening.  From time to time, a teacher may write a note to you in your child’s pad.  Please feel free to include any notes to teachers in them as well.

      We held our annual Flag Raising Ceremony on September 11th. It was the perfect opportunity for us to take the time to gather as a community to pay tribute to an important symbol for our country. Mrs. Torrisi and the students spoke about the history of the American Flag, and we all participated in singing the Star Spangled Banner, and Grand Old Flag.  

      Meet the Teacher Night was a big success this week. We met a lot of parents and spent a good amount of time reviewing curriculum, expectations and grade-level events for the year.  It’s always such a treat to be able to put faces to your names. We are looking forward to a healthy and productive partnership with each and every one of you!

      A Current Event is due in Social Studies every Friday, beginning in October. We began the assignment in class so that the children know what is expected. The websites that the students should get their current events from are posted right in the Google Classroom Assignment. They are,;;; and  There are links for Google Drive and Google Classroom on the Hen Hud Website under Community - for students. The current event should contain five sentences. The first is the main idea sentence, which describes who, what, why, where, when and how the current event is taking place. The second three sentences should contain details describing the current event in detail. The last sentence is the conclusion, which can contain an opinion. There is a graphic organizer and rubric posted right on the Google Classroom assignment. The children will use the create button in the classroom assignment to create and post these current events in Google Classroom – but this can be done either at home or in school. The assignments should be named with the current event number and the title of the current event.

      The children are expected to read a 'Just Right' text for 25 minutes each night, and then write a short response to what they've read. They will post the pages that they read and the title of the book/text into their Reading Log each night. Please help your child to find a quiet place and the time to read each night.  The more they read, the stronger their reading muscles will become. Your child will always have a just right book in school, as well. They will have a reading notebook in school where they will keep a record of their reading, as well.

      Attached to this week’s Hotline is a note concerning the Homework Policy.  Please review this information with your child.  It is important that we work together to ensure your child’s completion of assigned homework throughout the year. All we ask is that they try, and produce the best work that they can.

     Extra-Help sessions will be offered every week (excluding random Teacher Meeting days), for the following content areas:

    Tuesdays, 8:30 a.m.    - Writing or Science with Mrs. Many

    Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. - Math with Ms. Dyckman

    Thursdays, 8:30 a.m.  -  Social Studies / ELA with Mrs. Rosen

      Students are to inform Teachers ahead of time of their intentions of attending an Extra-Help session, as we will then know how many students to expect.

      We look forward to a productive and exciting year.  As always, we value the partnership that we share in your child’s education.    


      • September 30th            School Closed - Rosh Hashanah
      • October 1st                   School Closed - Rosh Hashanah
      • October 8th                   7:30p.m., PTA Mixer/Meeting
      • October 9th                   School Closed - Yom Kippur
      • October 16th                 7:30p.m. Board of Education Meeting
      • October 17th                 Picture Day & 5th Grade Photo
      • October 18th                 Class Trip - The Hudson Clearwater
      • October 18th                 Cookie Dough Fundraiser begins
      • October 23rd-25th         Scholastic Book Fair
      • October 25th                 7:00p.m. Halloween Extravaganza
      • October 28th               1:10p.m. Early Release for Students
      • October 31st                 10:00 a.m. - Halloween Parade