Fifth Grade Hotline - Hotline

  •      My fifth grade newsletter, called the Hotline, is available monthly to keep families updated and informed about curriculum work and upcoming events. The first and last issues will also be sent home, hardcopy.  For anyone who cares for a hardcopy each month, please let me know. 

         The following is the most current issues of the Fifth Grade Hotline.      



    December, 2020

    Dear Parents,

         I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had some relaxing time with your family! The cold weather is approaching so please remember to have your child dress appropriately when coming to school. This is our first monthly newsletter to inform you of what is going on in the classroom.

       Beginning on December 8th, students will be participating in a virtual DARE program. This is a program that the Peekskill Police Department will virtually teach about Drug Abuse Resistance Education. We encourage that you talk to your child about what they are learning throughout the program. 

       In reading, we are reading the book, Home of the Brave, by Katherine Applegate. We have been  enjoying this read-aloud each day, while connecting Notice & Note Signposts to the characters and events.  Each day the children use these experiences and apply them to their partner/independent books. When the book is finished, we will be reading a  picture book called Fly Away Home. The children will create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the themes of both books. They will then write a 4 paragraph essay comparing and contrasting both books. The focus of these two books are on theme and author's craft.

       In math, we started Module Two, Multi Digit Whole number and Decimal Fraction Operations. You will notice that your child will be multiplying and dividing whole numbers along with decimals. Then, they will apply the computations to problem solving word problems. Our Mid Module Assessment is after lesson 15. Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication facts. It is the foundation for all math.

       In writing, we are publishing our first piece of writing, a personal narrative. Your child has written about a small moment in their life.  They wrote a rough draft and each day we complete mini lessons on elaboration, character description, paragraphing, leads, transitions, W.O.W. words and endings. Each time they sit down to revise, they are improving their writing skills. After proofreading and editing their work, the children will be ready to publish and share their fabulous work. They are so proud of their hard work, and so am I!

       We continue to study 14 vocabulary words each week. I have now included 2 prefixes or suffixes to their lists.  The children are really enjoying learning more about words and their meanings. This knowledge will help tremendously in their reading and writing.

       In the new year, we will begin our Science unit, titled the Scientific Method. During this unit, the children will learn how to perform and properly write up experiments using this universal method. We always have fun doing science!

       Also in the new year, we will begin to study the Western Hemisphere, “A New World Rising.”  We will look at migration and settlement in the Americas., and how complex societies and civilizations have developed.             

        Hopefully, we will be in school until our break, which is December 24th. We return January 4th. Please look out for information about our holiday party.  As always stay safe and healthy!


                                                      Mrs. Many 



         Mrs. Many         

    SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

     Dear Parents,  

      Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Frank G. Lindsey School!  This is the first issue of a fifth grade newsletter we call the Hotline.  This first issue will be sent home via hard copy as well as posted on this website.  All other issues can be found on my teacher website on the last day of school each month. In it, you will find out about what the children are learning each month, and upcoming events at FGL.  We hope you find these Hotlines to be informative. Please make a habit out of reading each Hotline Newsletter, as it will be a continuous form of communication between us.

       During September and October, I have gotten to know the children and a little more about them. This year, I will be teaching all subjects to your child. We have begun to get settled into our routines.

       I explained the value of listening carefully and of using class time effectively.  We also discussed the importance of being organized; knowing what’s expected and having the proper materials to complete assignments.  I will be emphasizing the use of the Assignment Pad every day to help the children improve their organizational skills.  I ask that you review the assignments daily with your child, and sign the pad each evening.  From time to time, I may write a note to you in your child’s pad.  Please feel free to include any notes to teachers in them as well.

       Meet the Teacher Night was a big success this week. I met a lot of parents and spent a good amount of time reviewing curriculum, expectations and how the year is going thus far.  It’s always such a treat to be able to put faces to your names. I am looking forward to a healthy and productive partnership with each and every one of you!

         The children are expected to read a 'Just Right' text for 25 minutes each night, and then write a short response to what they've read. They will post a response to the pages that they read and the title of the book/text into their Google Classroom Reading Log each night. Please help your child to find a quiet place and the time to read each night. The more they read, the stronger their reading muscles will become. Your child will always have a just right book in school, as well. They will have a reading notebook in school where they will keep a record of their reading, as well.   

       I look forward to a productive and exciting year.  As always, I value the partnership that we share in your child’s education.