My Homework

  • Each day, homework for all subjects will be posted onto the classroom Homework Board at school.  Students are given enough time in each class, and again at the end of the day, to copy the days homework assignments and upcoming events into their Assignment Pad.  My hope is to have students become more responsible for their assignments by writing it into their Assignment Pads. Along with daily assignments, the following homework is expected to be completed every weeknight:

     Reading Homework:

    Each night, students are to access Mrs. Many's Reading Log Google Classroom. Within that Google Classroom each child has their own individual Reading Log Notebook in the form of Google Slides.

     Students are required to read for twenty-five minutes, every night, and record their thinking 4 times each week (Monday-Saturday) within the Reading Log Notebook on Google Slides.  Students will record the book title, author, and their response to their reading, along with evidence to support their thinking.

    It is also expected that each student will choose one night per week to sign into i-Ready and complete only one reading lesson online.  This night's reading assignment can replace their 25 minutes of reading for that night. Students may choose any night to complete their i-Ready Reading lesson.  Evidence shows that completing one i-Ready lesson per week can increase your child's reading growth over the course of the school year. Each child is assigned 20 lessons to complete, which will take approximately 20 weeks to complete. The lessons are calibrated automatically to meet your child's individual reading needs. Please do not assist your child with the i-Ready lessons, as it will negate the program's intentions. 

    Your child must access i-Ready at home from the ClassLink home page. 

    Children access i-Ready using their Google login credentials  (

      Math Homework:


    Students are expected to master their multiplication facts (0-12), addition and subtraction facts well before the fifth grade school year is over.  Practicing one set of multiplication facts each night is highly suggeested.