Mrs. Many's Class Meetings - Class Meetings


        My homeroom students regularly discuss character development topics.  The objective of these discussions is to get more acquainted with one another, share questions and concerns, and enhance our understanding of and participation in character development.

         We begin the year learning the rules and procedures of our classroom.  We talk about positive and negative consequences, and discuss how each of us, (including me), needs to put in 100% effort in order to be successful this year.

         We are excited about the continuaton of our PBIS PRIDE Character Education Program this year. Some of the topics that we will be covering are:  COMPASSION, EMPATHY, RESPONSIBILITY, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, EFFORT,and SPORTSMANSHIP:



    Second Step Social Emotional Learning

       The children will be working with the Second Step program throughout the year, learning more about empathy, respect, and problem-solving strategies. They will watch videos and interview each other to enhance their understanding of these important values and strategies. .  I will continue to encourage and support empathy and respect throughout the school year.