Art II




    Portfolio Prep

    Instructor: Mrs. Jessica Nash


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    Work Phone: 914-257-5800 ext.________

    Class Room: B4


    Course Rationale:

    This course is designed to further develop the concepts and skills learned in Drawing & Painting and is available for juniors and seniors. Students will use the skills and techniques learned previously to enhance artwork in two-dimensional design using a variety of different media.   The two-dimensional media includes graphite, charcoal, pastels, color pencil, acrylic, watercolor, and ink techniques. Students will develop an ability to make effective choices concerning media, techniques, subject matter, methods of interpretation, and compositional design in order to assist in creating a personal portfolio. This course is a prerequisite for AP Studio Art.


    Essential Question for the Course:

    What is the artistic process and how does awareness of this process aid in the development of personal expression?


    Learning Outcomes for the Course:

    Students will form expressions of their artistic intentions without predetermining the final product. Artists can produce a drawing that stands alone as a final product, but it might also become absorbed by a painting, or perhaps even destroyed in the course of a painting’s completion.  This is how the artistic process works and students will learn to work through this process in through their own explorations. 


    Course Outline: (Units)

    Color Theory & Design

    Advanced Fabric Still Life

    Renaissance Masters Study

    Self-Portrait Painting

    Expressionist Landscape Painting

    Double Exposure Photography

    2pt Perspective Design

    Poster Collage

    Artist Statements

    Juxtaposition of Elements


    This course is a project based course and a variety of assessments for student work will be utilized including, class, peer, and self-critiques along with written statements, reflections, research papers, and project rubrics.  Late work is -5pts per day and will not be accepted after one week.


    Grades will be based on the following:

    • Projects: (100pts) For each project based on the rubric below
    • Sketchbook: (50pts) per semester. All notes for assignments as well as project ideas should be recorded, handouts should be kept in class folder.
    • “Studio Habits of Mind” (50pts) per semester -Harvard Project Zero (25pts) per semester. Develop craft & skills, engage and persist, envision, express, observe, reflect, stretch & explore, understand the world.


    Project rubric below: 

    Project Evaluation Scale:

    1.        Not Satisfactory (weak in idea and image)

    2.        Needs work and could be brought up to standard with more time and effort.

    3.        Acceptable

    4.        Well done (Put in finished work cubby)

    5.        Exceptional in all aspects (Put in finished work cubby)

    Score Range:

    100 95   90%   89 85     80%     79 75 70%       69 65 60% 59 55 50%

           5                         4                    3                              2 1



    Teacher Score

    Your Score

    Conceptual strength/ Originality: Unusual combinations and connections to previous knowledge,



    Use of materials/ Craftsmanship: Outstanding problem solving skills, beautifully and patiently done.



    Realization/ Intent evident: Finished product shows evidence of careful planning and awareness of elements/principles of design.




    Evidence of “Studio Habits of Mind” Several sketches made, explored new approaches, followed through in commitments. Completed on time.



    Overall Score:




    Required Materials: (DUE ___FRI 9/27________)

    • 9” x 12” (no smaller!) Spiral or Hardcover Sketchbook
    • Box of pencils
    • Pencil bag
    • 16” x 20” Portfolio



    • Be on time and prepared with materials
    • Meet project deadlines, if extra time is needed schedule with Mrs.Nash
    • Make original works of art. DO NOT plagiarize work
    • Use materials appropriately


    Most importantly, have fun and be kind in Art!!!

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