Reading Log

  • At the start of each month, a Reading Log will be sent home.  Please make every effort to read every night.  Students should read aloud to an adult.  Children often have favorite books at home.  It is absolutely ok for them to reread the same books over and over throughout the year!  It's also acceptable if they do not read an entire book in the 15-minute time period.  The Reading Log is a terrific way for students to see how much they can accomplish!    


    It can be difficult for adults to understand how hard it can be for young, early readers to learn to read.  Consistent, daily reading practice is vitally important to securing the knowledge, skills, and strategies that young readers work so hard in school to develop.  Students strive to master letters, sounds, high frequency words and decodeable words. They use picture clues and word patterns to help them make sense of the printed page.


    Fifteen minutes a day will give your child the reading repetition that is necessary to improve automaticity and fluency (reading smoothly without hesitation and uncertainty)!