Reading Centers

  • Reading Centers!

    Centers are fun, literacy activities that reinforce our current Fundations skills,  writing development, listening and speaking and our new Tricky Words.  Tricky Words are words that children see frequently in stories, such as "because", "the", "friend", or "our"; however, they "don't follow the rules" and cannot be sounded out.  Students must see and practice writing these words over and over again in order to memorize how to read them and spell them.

    Most centers are done independently. This means your child must be able to focus and attend to the assigned task and complete it in a reasonable amount of time.  Students learn to balance work and socializing.  Students who are especially chatty or easily distracted may find Reading Centers challenging and may need extra support.  Occasionally, a center can be a special project or working with the teacher.  Students enjoy working in centers while learning at the same time!