• Fundations

    We are using a new program for English Language Arts (ELA) instruction this year.  It's called Fundations.  

    Fundations teaches the foundational skills of the Common Core Standards.  It also teaches other standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening and language.  

    Fundations provides an integrated word study, spelling & handwriting curriculum.  Every lesson builds upon students' prior knowledge.  Past concepts are reviewed and integrated with learning activities.

    Skills Taught:

    -  phonological awareness

    * a syllable consists of separate sounds

    * a word consists of separate syllables

    * a sentence consists of separate words

    - Dictionary Skills:  alphabetical order

    - Sound Mastery

    - Linking:  letter name/letter formation/picture word/sound

    - Trick Words:  words that cannot be sounded out (also known as sight words)

    - Vocabulary

    - Word Study

    - Word of the Day

    - Punctuation and Capitalization

    - Fluency:  This is an essential skill for comprehension.  Automaticity is a term that refers to the quick automatic recognition of words in isolation.  This along with phrasing and expression is what makes a reader fluent.  It takes a tremendous amount of reading practice in order to become a fluent reader.

    - Scooping:  Students learn to "scoop" sentences (reading groups of words together) to build fluency.

    - Comprehension:  Fundations helps students to think actively while reading and to self-monitor their understanding.

    - Retelling:  This is an important skill that confirms a students understanding of a story and develops oral language skills.

    - Handwriting & Spelling:  Automaticity and fluency in handwriting helps to build quantity and quality of written work.  In Fundations, only lowercase letters are taught.  Boys and girls will practice "skywriting" (standing up and using their extended writing arm & hand to form large lowercase letters).  This gross motor movement helps secure the formation in memory. Handwriting is an important skill that reinforces reading and spelling.  Poor handwriting can have a negative affect on a student's ability to reread his/her own writing.


    We will begin Fundations right away in September!