About your Teacher ~ Ms. Dana Duffy

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    I am learning all about your children,

    so here's some things about me.....

    Ms. Dana A. Duffy


    I have been in the education field for 28 years, 22 of which have been in this district.  I taught Second Grade for 14 years, Kindergarten for 1 and now begin my th year in Fourth Grade.  All were such learning experiences, especially, when I went down to Kindergarten, because I got to see where the children started.

    I am the mother of two "awesome" boys ages 25 & 22.  They are my best friends and I could not be any prouder.   Ask me about them any time, because like any mother, who doesn't love to talk about their children. 

    When I first started college, I went the business route, but soon realized that my destiny in life was to be a teacher.  Now, I can honestly look back and remember my second grade teacher. She was that teacher who forever had an impact on my life and because of her, I am the person I am today. I have an Associate's degree in Marketing/Management, a Bachelor's in Psychology and my Master's in Elementary Education. 

    Every year is a challenge, one I look forward to every Labor Day.  Each child that has walked into my classroom, my life, has touched my heart in their own way.  I am with them 5 days of week, sometimes more than my own, but that it what I consider them to be, my children. 

    When I am not teaching (which is never), because as a mother, I am always teaching something, I enjoy spending time with my family. My son Michael graduated from Dutchess Community College with a degree in Business Administration/Management. He works for the Village of Ossining Water Department.  My younger son, Ryan graduate from Springfield College in MA. with a degree in Sports Communications/Journalism. Due to COVID-19, he can't work in his specified field, but he was lucky enough to get a masonry job and will be a part of history, building a skyscraper in NYC. I had a relaxing summer, traveled to the Cape, and enjoyed time with family and friends. 

    I love the outdoors, and enjoy taking long walks and just enjoy time with family.  I love country, but I'm a little rock and roll too. I love animals;  we have a 3 year old blue nose pitbull named Belle. She is a lot of fun,  but chases around our 17 year old cat named Princess. 

    I truly love what I do and I am looking forward to an exciting year and working closely with your children and you. I will treat your children as my own,  for I have learned the love I have for children is endless. I have been blessed with wonderful children over the years both in the classroom and in my personal life, and I always have a special place in my heart for each of them.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. 

    Happy Teaching!

    Ms. Dana Duffy