*Remember to keep birthday treats nut-free!  A lot of the grocery stores offer nut-free cupcakes.  Please check the labels carefully.  Thank you!


    Birthdays:   When it’s your child’s birthday (whether the birthday falls on a school day or during a weekend or holiday), please write me a note a few days in advance if you’d like to send in cupcakes, and/or juice, etc. so that I can plan it into our day.  If possible, it’s best to just have your child carry the treats to school or you may drop them off in the front office and we will have a small birthday celebration in the afternoon. (This is just a short and sweet celebration—about ten minutes.)  If you'd like to stop by, you may. Please just send me a note or call me ahead of time so we can arrange a time for you to come in.


    What about summer birthdays?


    You may already be familiar with the procedure, but for those children whose birthdays take place over the summer, Dr. Kane celebrates “half birthdays”.  In other words, if your child’s birthday is on July 21, we will acknowledge your child’s birthday on January 21 (with a ribbon and pencil from Dr. Kane).  Please let me know a few days in advance if you’d like to send in a treat for the “half birthday”.  The kids enjoy the chance to celebrate with their classmates, but the choice is entirely up to you.



    Thank you!

    Ms. Ferrari :)