Language Arts

  • Our first graders learn so much during the year!  We teach Readers' Workshop and Writers' Workshop through the Units of Study by Lucy Calkins.  We also use Fundations. Together we incorporate the essential components of reading:  phonics, fluency, comprehension, phonemic awareness and vocabulary.  We also focus on spelling, grammar, writing, and rich literature for our young readers.   Each day, we strive to become better readers and authors! 

    Daily 5- Students work each day in some of our "Daily 5" activities.  These are: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Reading with the Teacher, Writing, Word Work and Listening to Reading.  This teaches the student independence, responsibility and solid work habits.  The activities make learning fun, interesting and meaningful.  

    Reading - In addition to their reading groups, the children are engaged in several reading activities each day.  There is time to self-select books of interest, read independently, “buddy” read, listen to books online, listen to stories read aloud by me, and work with me for small-group instruction on your child’s reading level.   

    Reading Groups - While the students are working in their Literacy Centers, they are pulled over to work with me in small, guided-reading groups at the students' appropriate reading levels. 



    Writing - The first graders are encouraged to write daily.  Whether they're creating books, completing a written assignment or writing a journal entry, they are busy writing words, sentences and stories.  They turn to our ever-expanding "Tricky Word Wall" as a guide to correctly spell sight words.