• Homework Policy

    Homework is an important part of the whole learning process.  It not only provides a review of what is taught in class, but it offers challenges and opportunities for students' minds to stretch.  Setting aside a special "homework time" is a great way to begin good study habits and teach students responsibility for the years to come. 

    Your child should be able to complete the majority of the work independently.  He or she may need help with the directions at first.  This work will be a review of what was taught in class.  Typically, your child should work on homework for about twenty minutes each night.  Of course, your child should read each night in addition to the written classwork.  Reading homework will also be assigned throughout the week.  Reading assignments are usually due the next day.  Sometimes a few days are given to complete longer assignments.

    Parents, please provide a quiet environment in which your child can do his or her homework.  Here are some good tips for providing this:  a desk and comfortable chair in a quiet area of your home, proper lighting, sharpened pencils with erasers & scrap paper.  Setting a routine is a key factor to your child's academic success.

    As always, thank you for your support at home!  It makes a world of difference.