• Here are some fantastic, fun educational sites for your child to use at home.  Just click on the links.

    DreamBox - This is a wonderful math site where your child will be working on his or her level.  The math concepts will become more difficult as your child progresses.  If your child has difficulty, the problems will become easier until he or she has mastered that concept.  Your child will earn tokens to play Arcade games as he/she completes a task.

    * Logo - This is a fabulous site which offers math games as well as ELA games.  Our students work on this site in class throughout the week.

    * RAZ Kids is a wonderful site for reading.  Your child has his/her own password which takes him/her to an assignment. 


    *Starfall - This is a wonderful, interactive site which is perfect for beginning readers.

    *Funbrain - This site has math, reading, "Mad Libs", stories, "web books", games, etc.

    *Alphabet Zoo - This is a fun site covering many topics:  reading, math, science, games, etc.  Have fun!

    *Between the Lions - This brings you to the "PBS Kids" site.  Here you'll find stories, games, etc.

    *Sheppard Software - This site contains free games in a variety of subjects.  Here you'll find animal pages, U.S. Geography, math games, vocabulary games, etc.

    *A Plus Math - This is a great site where you can play math games and even make up customized math worksheets for practice.

    *Math Fact Cafe - This site offers flashcards, games, time and money practice and customized activities and worksheets.

    *Telling Time - This offers lots of fun, interactive telling-time games.

    *Jigzone - This is for the puzzle lover!  Here you can choose a picture, change the number of puzzle pieces--or even change the shapes of the pieces--to your preferred degree of difficulty.

    *Weekly Reader - This is the site for the supplemental kids' magazine we use in school.  This site has games, puzzles and coloring pages.