RE-DO Instructions

  • Math 7 & 7H


    How to RE-DO WMA Assignments

    1.     On a separate sheet of looseleaf, re-copy and correct ALL of the problems that you got wrong.


    2.     Staple the looseleaf to the FRONT of the original HW packet. Make sure your name and headning is on the front of the looseleaf.


    3.     Place in the “re-do” bin, in the back left corner of the classroom.

    You can receive up to a 7.5/8 on corrected WMAs.




    How to RE-DO Exit Tickets

    Exit tickets should be re-done with Mrs. Ogowetsky. See Mrs. Ogowetsky in supplement, before you go to lunch, or homeroom. If you finish the warmup and early and have time you can correct them then as well. All corrections on exit tickets should be done in red pen. Do not erase any original work. 


    You can receive a 2/2 on corrected Exit Tickets.