For Parents

  • Parents: Click the link below below to view our unit outline, including tips on how you can help reinforce some of the topics we are learning at home. It is so important that our students make the connection between what we are learning in class and how they will be using these skills for the rest of their lives! Use some of the questions below to help start a conversation with your student. Thank you for your help and support! 
    UNIT OUTLINE & Tips of how you can help at home: 

    Start a conversation with your student...

    Questions to ask your student:


    • What types of questions were on your warm-up today?
    • Were you able to do all of the problems given to you in the warm-up?
    • What was the AIM of today's’ lesson? How can you answer the AIM?
    • What were today’s learning targets?
    • How are you doing on your homework grades? Are you correcting your HW assignments?
    • Have you received and 0/2 or 1/2 on your Exit Tickets? If so, did you see Mrs. Ogowetsky to correct them?
    • Have you gotten any tests/quizzes back lately? How did you do? If you got below a 75% did you see Mrs. Ogowetsky?
    • When is your next quiz or test?
    • How have you been doing on the Exit Tickets?
    • Did you see Mrs. Ogowetsky during supplement and/or lunch to discuss any problems or topics you are having trouble with?