Visual Cues - The More We Talk...The Less They Learn!

  • Visual Cues

    The more we talk...the less they learn!


    Research has shown that non-verbal prompting leads to greater independence and faster learning than verbal reminders.  If you feel like a "broken record" saying the same thing over and over again, try pointing to a visual cue instead. 

    You can use visual cues to prompt new skills that a child may not be independent with yet.  Pair the visual cue with a direction (say the direction while you point to it), and do not repeat the direction.  If the child needs prompting, point to the visual aid as a reminder to "help yourself".

    Visual cues can also be great reminders for appropriate behavior.  Instead of reprimanding a child or verbally reminding a child of a rule, point to a visual representation of that rule.

    Click on the links/documents below for more information and guidance for using visual cues.

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