9th grade Virtual Backpack

  • 9th Grade Virtual Backpack


     Resource for 9th grade student & parents

    Beginning high school as a family can be an extremely stressful time whether it is the first time as a student or the third time as a parent.  There are so many questions that 
    students and parents have that need answering.  How do I open my locker?, When do I sign-up for athletic teams?  Where is the library? What is the Parent Portal?  In effort to make the 9th grade transition more manageable HHHS has developed this "Virtual Backpack" that can help answer many of the day-to-day questions that arise and cause an unmanageable amount of stress.  In the pages that follow you will find resources covering areas such as: Academics, Guidance, Athletics, Clubs & Activities, and the 9th Grade College Planning Process to name a few.  The hope is no matter your experience level that you are able to quickly find answers to questions that pertain to your 9th grade child.  If there is information that you cannot find or would like added we welcome any and all suggestions to make this resource as effective as possible.  Please follow the links below to investigate all you would like to know about Hendrick Hudson High School.