Project Updates

  • August 27, 2019

    There has been tremendous progress on the track and field project at the high school over the past few weeks. Among the latest developments: the turf field carpet has been laid; end zone and midfield graphics have been installed; and football goals are installed, as is the long jump/triple jump sand pit.

    End zone turf graphics Football goal installation

    Midfield turf graphics Number inlays

    August 2, 2019

    Work at the site of the district’s new track and field facility keeps moving along! Recent developments include:

    Temporary access to the project site has been moved to the high school parking lot.

    The work area perimeter continues to be protected with temporary six-foot high fencing, and existing storm water catch basins continue to be protected with geotextile fabric and silt fencing.

    Turf field drainage base stone had been previously installed; finish stone is in the process of being installed.

    Scoreboard foundations and associated steel columns, as well as football goal footings, have been installed.

    Steeplechase water hazard and related storm drainage connections have been installed.   

    All original track surfacing has been removed.

    New Temporary Entry Steeplechase Pit Installation Scoreboard Steel Installation Track Base Installation


     July 9, 2019  

    Our school buildings may be quiet, now that it’s summer, but there is a lot of activity at the stadium complex. Here are some updates from our construction team: Temporary access to the track and field project site off Trolley Road continues to work well, with no dirt noticeable on the adjacent roadway. The work area perimeter has been protected with temporary six-foot high fencing, and existing storm water catch basins have been protected with geotextile fabric. Found bedrock has been removed, and installation of a turf field collector storm drainage pipe is well under way. The lower soil spoil area has been rototilled, topsoil and other spoil materials have been placed in the area, and rough grading has begun. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer!

    Soil spoil area Collector pipe trenching Track and field area, looking east


    June 27, 2019

    At the stadium complex, the track and sub-base area has been removed, and a clean, angular crushed ledge rock base is now in place; the perimeter of the work area has been protected with temporary six-foot-high chain link fencing; existing stormwater catch basins have been protected with geotextile fabric; and the lower soil field area has been rototilled, and topsoil is starting to be placed in the area. (This area has 4’ tall orange temporary construction fencing separating it from actively used playfield areas.)

    A number of security upgrades throughout the district are also taking place this summer, including upgrades to interior classroom door hardware; exterior door replacements and lock upgrades; replacement of damaged interior or exterior doors; and the installation of additional security cameras. Additionally, at the high school, there will be new and improved exterior lighting for safety and security purposes. Due to time and financial constraints, major renovations to school entrances and foyers will not take place this summer. This work is expected to take place next year.

    Construction entry

    Temporary fence enclosure Spoil area silt fencing Milled track


    June 12, 2019

     Work is in full swing at the high school stadium complex. Some highlights from the past few weeks include the creation of a temporary construction access point on Trolley Road, the removal of rubber surface from track oval and field event areas, the marking out of underground electric to the new scoreboard, removal of football goal posts and scoreboard flagpole, and the start of installation of silt fencing at required perimeter areas.

    Removal of Irrigation Stockpile Removal of football goalposts

    Silt fence installation Scoreboard flagpole removal